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Businesses have had to make immense changes over the last 12 months implementing new communication solutions to keep things moving and staff collaborating and productive. The roll out was urgent with little time to think.

However, now is the perfect time to check that the technology solutions you have put in place meet your business requirements and aspirations. Let us help you define the strategy and business case to deliver the right business outcomes and futureproof your communications technology solutions.

Take our Business Communications Review to help you understand if what you have in place today supports your business strategy.

How it works

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  2. We will contact you in within 1 working day to arrange a 1-hour Teams call with one of our communications experts to understand your business, goals, challenges, and review of your current communications products, infrastructure and billing information
  3. We then create a detailed report and feedback (within 5 working days) outlining recommendations. We identify where you are on your communications journey, demonstrating any opportunities to close gaps
  4. Our expert will then be available for an informal follow-up session to help you explore any findings in more detail.
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About our experts

Access our team of communication and workplace specialists, with over 20 years’ experience, helping businesses meet their potential. Our proven approach to modelling commercial and operational outcomes results in transformational solutions for customers.

Improving communication and collaboration between employees and with outside parties is a top priority for companies. Increased competition, compacted timeframes, and distributed business models mean that everyone needs to be more efficient and effective if the company is to succeed truly."

Source: A Forrester Total Economic ImpactTM Study Commissioned by Microsoft, January 2020

We can help you to:

Realise and drive the value from your existing technology investments

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Build the business case and demonstrate ROI for digital workplace initiatives

Flexibility Icon

Understand areas for consolidation across your IT communications estate and reduce costs

Productivity Icon

Understand if the technology in place is right for your business users, to ensure productivity and drive efficiencies

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Clarify if the technology you have in place is future proofed and in line with industry changes, such as the upcoming PSTN retirement and SOGEA

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Understand if the technology you have in place is serving your customers in the best way for you to provide an optimum customer experience

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Future proof your business communications

Business Communication Report

Your business communications report will include recommendations where important action is needed. Our expert team will also be available for an informal follow-up session to help you explore any issues in more detail.

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See how your organisation measures up.

Your assessment will cover:

  • Review of strategic business objectives and challenges
  • Lines and calls and equipment review including costs and usage
  • Review your existing communications infrastructure, applications, and physical sites
  • Review areas for optimisations identifying gaps
  • Review of regulatory compliance
  • Maintenance review identifying risk assessments and disaster recovery
  • Review of personas and business departments

We’re on a complex, multi-layered growth journey at Network Homes to improve the lives of our customers, and Claranet gets it"

Christo Gouws

Director of IT Transformation at Network Homes