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Attack Surface Appraisal

Let our pen testers help you strike the right balance

In this quick appraisal with no commitment needed, our security team will:

  • Help you to grade your assets by complexity.

  • Recommend a testing approach for each web application.

  • Identify potential external threats such as exposed credentials, domain exposure, and possible phishing threats.

Simply submit up to five URLS and five IP addresses in the contact form on this page, and we will get to work. The team will also look at open source intelligence relating to your applications, giving you further information about historical compromise or pending risks.

We’ll then be in touch in a few days to talk you through what we found.

Improve your application security with Claranet.

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Web application security review - supply chain risk

See demonstrations of the latest common threats to web applications. Find out how you can identify and mitigate these risks in your own web application estate.

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